New lenses with move to full frame?

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Re: New lenses with move to full frame?

Some of this will ramble off topic, but here are my two cents worth:

My old 16-35mm version 1 is one of my favorite and most useful lenses, but I've got to admit that it isn't the sharpest tack in box. I always add a good slug of sharpening when I PP. The new 16-35 has similar stats--to me it isn't worth replacing the old version. If you want REAL sharp WA stuff out of the camera, check out the 14mm or the 17 T/S.

You mention the 24-70. I assume you mean the new 24-70 f/2.8L II? I bought one a few weeks ago and it is indeed a superior lens, surprisingly comparable to the 70-200. No IS, but flare control is astonishing and it is quite sharp.

Speaking of which, the 70-200 is one of the most useful and sharp zooms you can buy in this focal range. People also rave about the 135 f/2.0, but (to me, and only me) it isn't very useful.

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