D200 hits 150K shots...

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Re: D200 hits 150K shots... update: now 335K and running good!

Incredible. I think that's over 3x the official life expectancy for the D200's shutter. Besides the temperature range, has the camera also been exposed to rain/snow up there on the roof?

I wish Nikon was building the D200's quality and durability into their new cameras; I'll just stick with my own D200 (and D50) until they do.

Still working without flaws and no perceptible image degradation. The camera is mounted on the roof and temperature goes from zero degrees (C°) to more than forty between winter and summer.

I will give it back to Nikon for a post mortem examination when time comes. Maybe they wil offer a brand new D800... ;-))

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D200 operated webcam looking at the Mont-Blanc

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