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An anology.

fotolopithecus wrote:

That a camera scarcely two, and a half years old is referred to as the aging D7000, or described as getting long in the tooth on testing sites.  I once thought the roughly five year wait between film slr's was quite a long time, but in hindsight it seems just about right.

Lets compare this to another maturing technology, computers. When they first became "mainstream" which I feel at least for me was around when win 95 and the first pentium chips were released, things changed very rapidly. Going from a pentium 100 to a pentium 233 was a HUGE increase in performance. And you could clearly and obviously see the improvement doing "normal" computer tasks. Given I was doing photo editing early on, I saw massive reductions in editing time with each generation in the early years and was upgrading computers annually.

After a few years when we got to the pentium 3 800 vintage machines, the steps in improvements for the tasks I do slowed down. During this time period I saw no reason to upgrade until I got a 2.4Ghz P4 machine. I used that machine for several years and then got a 3.0 core duo. I just recently replaced that one with a 4 core ivy bridge machine. I hope to use this one for 4-5 years.

I guess my point is, I replaced my computer more times in the first 5 years than I did over the next 15. Maybe if I was doing very intensive things that were really pushing the technology, I would have upgraded more often.

I think the same thing is true of digital photography. The early years saw rapid and drastic improvements from model to model for your average user. At this point these improvements are incremental and only people who are pushing say a D7000 to the edge of what it can handle will see the next step as a big one. I'm not and have no plans to get sucked into a "upgrade".

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