My D300s to D7100 experience - no regrets.

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Re: My D300s to D7100 experience - no regrets.

So in Night club  you can freely use ISO 12800 and still completely repair WB and most of the shadow details. As for me D7100 ISO12800 = D300s ISO3200 = D600 ISO25600.

Also D7100 at iso12000 sees colors in dark areas when my own eyes see grays only.

As soon as they deliver that sensor in a D300 successor, I'll have a look

I'm in reversed position. If Nikon D300 sensor was fitted in D7100 body, then D7100 would be still clear winner. And with D300s with D7100 sensor they would complement.

Sensor in D7100 is second least attractive feature after rear screen.

If D7100 had sensor and screen from D40 it would be revolution in DSLR anyway.

Do I clear in my claim? As for me there is only 2 right DSLR bodies from Nikon, D4 and D7100.

I hang in my hands just every Nikon DSLR from D70 and D200, and 1-st time after D4 found feature- and size-wise comfortable body. One larger (D4) and one smaller (D7100).

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