SURVEY - Do FT / mFT users know the difference from "full frame"? Replies wanted!!

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Re: SURVEY - Do FT / mFT users know the difference from "full frame"? Replies wanted!!

dinoSnake wrote:

So, is this true?  Using FT / mFT users as a test, do you understand "the impact of sensor size on image quality"?  What was your knowledge of this topic at the time you made your purchase decision of the cameras you are now using?  How did your purchase decision go in regards to this?

Please post your replies and thoughts on this topic, I could use feedback urgently.

Thank you!

I would not agree with your original post - I dont think EVERYONE knows. But I certainly knew when I was buying that, assuming we are talking about the same or similar generation of sensor technology, each format is a subset of the format above. That you can take 2 cameras, stick them in Aperture Priority, set them to focal lengths that give the same angle of view, then set the f stop on their lenses so they have the same actual aperture diameter, and finally on the larger sensor camera, raise the ISO so that its exposure system reports the same shutter speed as the other camera. Taking a shot with each you will get the same depth of field, and as long as we are sticking to the earlier assumption, the same amount of noise in the image.

Now there may still be differences, like sharpness (one lens has been stopped down, so it might have sharpened up, and who knows if the 2 cameras have the same megapixel rating or similar antialiasing filters). The other difference is that you can set the lens on the larger format camera to its widest aperture, drop the ISO setting, and get a shot that has DOF and noise character that is just not possible on the smaller format camera. So the larger format camera can, photographically, do everything the smaller format camera can do, and more.

But, and this was important to me, you cannot put a 40mm prime on a "full frame" DSLR and stick the whole thing in your inside coat pocket My PEN + 20mm fit no problem. There is a reason why, even after film SLRs had been on the market for 25 years, photojournalists going to warzones and such were still using rangefinder cameras - they needed to travel light.

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