D 7100 6 shot Raw Buffer IMO D400 still coming

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Re: Most likely not

golf1982 wrote:

Mr Gadget wrote:

lvidal wrote:

Focus yourself in what you can create and not what the equipment can do.

This is somewhat of a trite comment. The equipment, while not being the whole story does have an important role to play in what you create. Using your logic, I should be able to match the work of Ansel Adams used large format sheet film with a 110 Kodak if only I applied myself.

Certain types and styles of photography require equipment with specific capabilities as defined by the photographer who uses it. If Nikon chooses not to support their customer base that feels that it needs an upgraded D300s, then those customers will look at other options, which opens the door for many to look at other manufacturers. If their hope is that the D7100/D600 will fulfill what their D300s customer base wants they may find that some of us may leave the fold.

Frankly speaking, it would cost Nikon next to nothing to put the D7100 chip and 51 point focus system into a D300 body and make everyone happy.

It is all about choice.

why do you think nikon numbered the d600 that and not the 400 or 500?? Leaving model numbering room, actually they probably intents to number d400, 600 and 800 going to 410 610 and 810...

Let us hope that, that is the case! I have the money in my account and I am ready to hit the buy button as soon as the damn thing is announced. The thing that gnaws at the back of my skull is that why hasn't Nikon produced it yet. It may be that they are working on a game changer? A pro level mirrorless based upon the D7100 APS-C sensor et al, but with a lightweight, no mirror, high quality EVF with proper controls? That could explain the delay getting the D400 to market. Not much in the rumor mill though ....

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