MFT shipments down

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Re: MFT shipments down

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Thom Hogan has an article on CIPA mirrorless shipments

Here are the quarter by quarter numbers:

  • Q1 2012: 1,043,846 units
  • Q2 2012: 882,783 units
  • Q3 2012: 876,919 units
  • Q4 2012: 1,456,054 units
  • Q1 2013: 603,532 units

Since the figures are for all "mirrorless cameras", so why the subject line is "MFT shipments down"

It was my mistake and I apologize.  I didn't stop to think and the subject line reflects my concern about MFT (I could care less if sales of other mirrorless cameras are down).

So you do care?

Yes I do care about the future of MFT. I'm also have a long time fondness for Olympus. In addition to my OM-D, GH-2 and E-PL1, I still have the OM-1 that I bought in 1975.

However, unlike some here, I try to look at things as objectively as possible. Yes, it is possible that MFT is doing better than these data suggest. However, many of those who have commented in this thread seem completely unwilling to accept the possibility that aren't good news for MFT.


May be, just may be, MFT actually performed well in that 5 quarters.

When you take into account the fact that MFT is the largest segment of the mirrorless market, I think this is highly unlikely.

Imo, people are using my mistake to try to wish away what is most likely negative news for MFT.

Quarterly reports should be released by most, if not all, camera makers in May.  That information should be more informative, although company explanations of results have to be taken with a grain of salt.


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