Pentax China Confirms FF DSLR and Pro APS-C body

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Re: A textbook example on how to make users indifferent

Pentax has not issued anything seriously new in almost 3 years.  Photokina 2012 was the time to show as least something, some enthusiasm, even a seriously advanced APS-C if not a FF prototype, but instead, a K5 sans AA was showed.

I feel that then, during the Photokina 2012, Pentax actually started FF plans seriously, and all new APS-C plans in consequence too — when Nikon and Canon and Sony flooded the floors with their new FFs and everyone was buzzing the FF tune. The lack of commitment for the FF doesn't only reflect on how the future Pentax FF line will look, but how the APS-C line will look like too.

It is possible that all new FFs from other manufacturers caught Pentax off guard. Because they didn't plan the FF yet, they had to redesign the future or imminent APS-C line too because they suddenly faced a totally different competition and market segmentation.

Which is sad, really. Coming late, even to its own game (APS-C) makes users indifferent if there is nothing new to show. Now they must spend more time, and more energy to think about "what new things to include, dammit?" just to keep their market presence. Which is far, far away from leading the market in anything.

On the other hand, I hope I'm wrong.

Hmm I dont know enough about all this to call right or wrong. What I do know is that I bought the most expensive pentax on the market and I am blown away. I am used to seeing canon drag a$$ with high end releases, but if that slow pace will allow Pentax to generate cameras like the K5 I dont mind. I read the were recently sold? This can cause a studder in developement, perhapse we havent received the new gear yet.

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