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Re: Camera-->sRGB versus Camera-->ProPhoto-->sRGB

Jack Hogan wrote:

gollywop wrote:  I'm wondering, however, where the XYZ came from unless you're talking about OOC jpegs.

Hi gollywop.  As I understand it, all conversions (including from camera space, if not short circuited by vendors' proprietary Raw converters) need to go through Profile Connection Space (XYZ D50) .  Come to think of it, the two color space flows should probably look like this:

1) Camera Space --> PCS --> ProPhotoRGB --> PCS --> sRGB
2) Camera Space --> PCS --> sRGB

If my understanding is incorrect I'd be interested to know.

It's my understanding that the camera's jpeg process begins with a trip to XYZ.  I wouldn't take bets, but I don't believe ACR does and I'm of an even stronger belief that RPP doesn't.  But, I too, wouldn't mind if someone chimed on this point.

How does dcraw treat a raw file?  That would give us a good hint.

If you have means for making them available, I could e-mail them to you.  They are dngs (I didn't keep the originals).

Excellent, fire away to my mail and I will share them (google Drive, linked to the Gmail account - you could probably do it too).  If you also had a NEF, that'd be great.

I fear I no longer have the NEFs.  I think some may have started life as CR2s and some ORFs.  But I'll ship them along to you.  I'll look into google Drive, but just at the moment I don't have time (and won't for the coming month of May) to ride herd on such things.  I'll be away from the internet most of the time.

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