Is mirrorless the worst of all worlds? and FF the best?

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Re: Is mirrorless the worst of all worlds? and FF the best?

I usually don't reply to these threads because the arguments are often pointless.  That said though, you caught me in a weak moment so I will throw in my opinion for whatever it is worth.  Arguments about the size of the sensor are very similar to arguments about the size of the negative.  Back in the days when press photographers all carried 4"x5" press cameras, Henri Cartier-Bresson made 35mm Leica images famous and was among a small group of photographers who changed the course of photography with incredible street images from 'small' film negatives. Interestingly, his images were not as "sharp" as what could be achieved by 4x5 press cameras yet the 35mm formant started a revolution because it was much more portable and therefore could become much more ubiquitous in the photojournalistic world.

Today, micro four thirds is continuing that revolution.  And no, the bokeh for a given aperture is not as 'good', the contrast is not the same, etc.   In the hands of a creative mind and skilled photographer, MFT is a powerful tool and can yield spectacular images. In the hands of a hack, FF will provide nothing all that interesting.

As regards price, Leica has never been accused of being cheap, and as mentioned about, did not provide the same 'quality' as 4x5 negatives did.  But was the price worth it to the photographers that wanted to document the world as they saw it? Did those images become iconic and pricey? Go try to buy a Cartier-Bresson original and you will see just how "worth it" those images really were.

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