Aaanouel got me thinking..Can I have your Honest Opinion, Please?

Started Apr 27, 2013 | Discussions thread
Stephen McDonald
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Re: My humble opinion?

I like the .50 transitions. In fact I'm going to start using them myself, for some scenes. They are quick, like it's almost a jump-cut, buy yet smooth. This is for action scenes or where action is anticipated. For scenery however, a slower solid fade is good. I really am annoyed by gimmicky transitions that too many people use-------pictures spinning around or breaking up into pixie dust and then re-materializing-------you know what I mean. There really are times when different transitions are best and I'm going to have to start being more versatile with mine.

I remember the good old days when jump-cuts were all you had, unless you used an expensive Avid Suite or something like that. Crash editing from VCR to VCR was what I did, until I jumped into HDTV and a fast computer, five years ago and actually got a digital video editing program. My fingers and my brain were the program before that.

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