Aviator Travel Jib vs. Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler

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Re: Aviator Travel Jib vs. Kessler Pocket Jib Traveler

What camera are you using?

My camcorder is an XF100 with an additional wide angle lens which totals about 4.3 lbs.

I had the same questions last week regarding the Kessler vs Aviator Travel jib. The Kessler was out of stock as soon as it was put on sale so I finally ordered the Aluminum Aviator ($300 more for  carbon fiber version seemed an excessive price difference to me in order to gain a pound more capacity). The jib arrived yesterday. Today I'm driving 40 miles to buy some 2.5 lb barbell weights. Anything which hangs (and swings) from the back of a jib is a pain to work with. If you do need to use this kind of ballast be sure to take a bungee cord or something to strap it on the the ballast end  to prevent movement.

I'm able to use the Aviator jib with the XF100 at it's lowest angle without any problems. I've managed to balance the jib with a gallon jug of water "swinging" off the rear end. I need to weigh this to not be over 8lbs capacity. I've noticed if you don't lock down the aluminum tubes they will shift to the right or left causing the camera to tilt in the same directions. I'm uncomfortable "cranking" down on the aluminum lock tighteners. I feel like I'm going to strip the threads like I did on a set of Aluminum Gitzo stix years ago.

The side to side movement is very smooth on the fluid head, the up and down of the jib is smooth as well...my only real concern is the overall weight of my camera and ballast.

Frankly, if the Kessler had been in stock I would have ordered it simply because of the company's reputation and known customer service.  Although Nice Industries and Zeke have responded quickly to emails there isn't a way I've found to phone them...email only. Kessler is made in Indiana and the Aviator is made in China not Oregon and the Aviator is Nice Industry's first and only jib product. This is worth considering.

I'm looking forward to hearing other peoples opinions on these two mini-jibs.

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