How does X100 manual focus work?

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Re: How does X100 manual focus work?

Rand 47 wrote:

knowmostofit wrote:

Rand 47 wrote:

"How does X100 manual focus work?"

In two words... "It doesn't."  Unless you think that 900 turns "lock to lock" can be called focusing.

I love my X-100 but would not even think of using the MF malfunction unless the camera was bolted to a tripod and I had lots of time.


Manual focus: press AFL button on back to snap to focus, then trim with focus ring if necessary. Sharp turn to focus quickly, slow turn to fine tune. Always works a treat on X100.

I generally use an opposite technique.  AF w/ half-press then lock w/ AF toggle.

The "speed sensitive" aspect of MF is a joke, IMO.  It flies in the face of precise MF.  Bottom line is that MF isn't the X series strong suit.

I generally just use AF, but I was describing the "sort of" manual technique that works the best when I've occasionally used it.

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