Recovering formatted immages from memory card

Started Apr 27, 2013 | Questions thread
John Deerfield Veteran Member • Posts: 3,150
Re: Recovering formatted immages from memory card

Step 1

Do NOT use the card until the images are recovered as best as can be. The more the card is used between now and the recovery process, the less likely you are to recover any images. If the card isn't used at all between the time of formatting and the image recover process, chances are good you can recover 100% of the images.

Step 2

Google "image recovery software". Read the reviews. Pick your poison. Your Sandisk card probably even came with a code to try Sandisk's software (

Step 3

Use the software to recover the images.

Step 4

Back up the images!

Step 5

Once you are sure you have recovered the images and backed them up, you can then start using the card again.

For what it's worth, formatting a card (or hard drive or whatever) doesn't really delete anything; it just tells a device that it's free to put new data wherever it wants. This is how the recovery software works.

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