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Re: Welding

Captain Tommy wrote:

Great shot-----I know you were doing it for fun----I look at it as a pro and say wouldn't that be a cool shot for an advertiser for the brand of coat you were wearing---wouldn't be nice to get the logo!!    Always looking for the money shot!  

Nice work!!!

Thank you.  I've been wanting to get into the pro side for some time now.  I usually shoot landscapes and wildlife and there isn't much money to be made there.

I HAVE shot all 3 of my sisters weddings, but I don't think I'd want to be a wedding photographer.  I am much more comfortable out in wilds than being cooped up with a bunch of people I don't know

I set up a stock photo account a few months ago.  I guess I should start uploading some photos to my account.  It would help to pay for lenses anyway

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