Aaanouel got me thinking..Can I have your Honest Opinion, Please?

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My humble opinion

Hi Bill, thanks for asking.

What I previously meant was that for video editing, it is better to use few types of transition, for example: using one for the beginning and ending, another for inserting/passing titles, another one between scenes or photos and probably, one than other coherent special transition for highlighting interesting scenes or photos (but not the whole transition catalog, LOL!).

That gives the video production personality, consistency, it centers and enhances the attention on the contents, without excessive distracting effects (contrary to TV adds which need to transmit ideas in very short time). About the transition sample you've just made, I'd use even longer transitions probably 2 or 3 secs depending on the scenes.

But, too many slow transitions can make the movie booooooring also!. If the movie is going to be long, it's good to make changes for giving it more dynamism, one could even use, no transition at all or rapid shocking flashes in between some photos or scenes for getting the attention of the viewer when considering necessary... it all depends on the sensations you want the movie produce on the viewer along it's running.

All this without mentioning anything about using and editing sounds and music... but that may be very complex and tedious job... LOL!!!


PS.: When using (abusing) too many different transitions, it's like viewing those actual action movies for kids with so many FXs, up to the point of getting tired of them soon.

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