should I upgraded to D700?

Started Apr 26, 2013 | Discussions thread
just Tony
just Tony Senior Member • Posts: 2,405
D90 to D700 is a superb upgrade

And the new 18-35G lens would be a superb companion to it, likewise the 70-200 f/4.

You will be astounded at: much lower noise levels, a focus indicator display for manual focus that is more precise, the ability to use superb old manual focus glass (they aren't all superb but there are some true gems), and what you might find to be a vastly better match of the shape of the grip to the shape of your hands.

But I could also point out that you will spend more on lenses than on even a new D600 body, so make sure that you really are picking the body that is the right fit for you. The D600 has a better dynamic range (cleaner shadow details and color) and higher resolution if that will be useful in your case. The body construction is step lower though, that would still be a step up from the D90, just not as much as the D700 would be.

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