My D300s to D7100 experience - no regrets.

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Re: My D300s to D7100 experience - no regrets.

krikman wrote:

n057 wrote:

krikman wrote:

Do you have any low-light hi-ISO examples? For example in a night club?

It is good idea go to night club instead of sittin' writin' articles here. And perfect excuse for my wife too...

"I go to night club just to test my equipment, honey! Don't worry, I don't go over ISO6400."

Haha! That's a good one.

But seriously, how is the RAW output under such conditions? It is a test of focusing under low light, and of what you can capture. I often find myself shooting at ISO1600 and 2.8 and 1/10th of a second. So, is ISO6400 good enough to let me increase the shutter speed to 1/80? That is important as I also do that at 200mm.

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As I wrote in "D7000 performance" part of the review:

Is D7100 low light machine?

ISO100 is clear as in top cameras. Up to ISO 3200 nobody charges your photo as noisy when printed poster size (A1) And you still have +-2 EV adjustments freedom. Feel free to shoot documentary style photos up to ISO Hi-1 (12800). Going higher you will get loss of colors and contrast even in simple scenes, but still comparable with iPhone best results. At all ISO settings avoid corrections greater 2EV.

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So in Night club  you can freely use ISO 12800 and still completely repair WB and most of the shadow details. As for me D7100 ISO12800 = D300s ISO3200 = D600 ISO25600.

Also D7100 at iso12000 sees colors in dark areas when my own eyes see grays only.

As soon as they deliver that sensor in a D300 successor, I'll have a look

Some cameras, some lenses, some computers

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