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I've owned the Nex 5 and the Nex 7, both with the 18-55 kit lens. I now have a Nex 6which I prefer to the other two because it's phase detection autofocus focuses faster and it's mode dial is more convenient than searching through the menu. I now have the 16-50mm kit lens. In comparing the quality of the kit lenses, it is true that the 16-50 needs greater correction at wide angle, but this is fully corrected in the camera when shooting JPEG, and RAW is easily corrected in Lightroom. As for sharpness, I can detect no difference The 16-50 is a 24mm equivalent whereas the 18-55 is a 28mm equivalent. Zooming the 16-50 to 18mm equivalent, the 16-50 is sharper than the 18-55. I much prefer the 16-50 for it's smaller size and image quality. It is true that the 18-55 focal length equivalent is about 85mm whereas the 16-50 is about 75 mm, but my 55-200 lens has the missing focal length.

The Nex 6 with the 16-50 can easily be carried in a large pocket or small purse, and 20X30 inch prints are excellent

If you need a fast prime I would reccomend the 35mm f/1.8. It is sharp wide open.

After acquiring this outfit ,I sold my Canon with 4 lenses and have not missed it. I get better results with this outfit,  and it is one-third the weight.

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