H-PS14042 VS H-FS014042 on the Panasonic GF5

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Re: H-PS14042 VS H-FS014042 on the Panasonic GF5

Well, if you want to stay in the m43 pool I would think the GF5X or the E-PM2 are fine contenders.  The E-PM2 has the better sensor but comes with a "stubbier" 14-42 lens.  The GF5X has the pancake zoom so will be slightly smaller than the E-PM2 retracted.  Another option is the GX1 which is the next step up on the line from the GF5.  It has been having firesale prices of late and you can often get it with the pancake zoom.

If money is the determining factor, the GF5X is probably the cheapest.  The next step up would be the GX1 which has the better 16MP sensor, but on paper at least is not as good at the E-PM2's sensor.

Of course there are other options such as advanced compacts with large sensors (although price wise, they're often more expensive than m43).  Sony makes the NEX series of cameras which have larger APS-C sensors.  The NEX-3N has a similar design theory to the GF5X (it has a power zoom lens as well), but uses a APS-C sensor.  I feel the problem there is the lack of lens choice for the NEX system.

At some point though, I'd just pick a system and go with it and try not to worry terribly much what everyone else is doing.  The largest photo on my wall is from a GF3 which doesn't have the performance of my DSLR.  But it took the photo and there it is.

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