Spam Mail What do you do?

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Re: Canada shows The Way

gs85739az wrote:

Reporting spam is about as effective as reporting to do not call list for telephone spam!

hint: don't answer either!

here in the Great White North our CRTC org told us how the upcoming Do Not Call list would greatly reduce annoyance calls. Then invited us to sign up for DNC.

When they had amassed a significant crop, including myself, they sold the list to the robo-calling outfits. They probably had some fine print about not using the DNC list to originate calls, but who has time to read the fine print?

Fortunately my Panasonic phone has a neat Call Blocking feature - when a call arrives the phone looks to see if the calling number is in the Block list, which I manage. If so it sends a busy tone. Not perfect but it does blow many calls away.

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