D4000 full frame entry level camera.

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Re: D4000 full frame entry level camera.

krikman wrote:

It is well known fact that Nikon expands DSLR range both for FX ad DX.

Today Nikon makes D1 style body FX, D100 style FX, D70 style FX.

So next logical move will be D40 style FX, call it D4000.

So question is what discussion thread on dpreview forum belongs to D4000 entry level FX camera?

I don't think it's logical to assume that a FX camera with the feature set of a D5XXX or a D3XXX is in the works. The D40 was an entry level camera. To create a FX entry level product, would raise the cost of entering into the DSLR photography considerably. The cost of a D7100 DX camera is around $1200. The cost of the Fx D600 is around $2000, which makes it 2/3rds more expensive than the 7100, a camera whose body is almost the same as the 600. If we apply that comparison to a D3200 and D4000, we are looking at a retail cost of about $1160 for the D4000. I don't think it is going to happen, at least not in the near future.

But to your original question; since this is the Nikon FX Forum, this would be the place.

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