Grim future for the camera makers?

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Re: Grim future for the camera makers?

No doubt. I bet 2012 was the top for cameras, and a great culling has begun. There are still niches where phones cannot compete - superzoom and tough/underwater fixed lens cameras and interchengeable lens cameras.

Technologically, CDAF and on-sensor PDAF improve so fast, in 5-10 years there will be almost no new APS-C DSLRs/DLSTs - those dinosaurs will be left in FF for pros and fans of lugging heavy equipment, and all consumer interchangeable lens cameras will be APS-C and maybe m43 mirrorless.

1" and less MILCs do not make sense as 1" is easily possible in a superzoom 7x-10x camera with decently bright fixed lens (RX100 with EVF and longer zoom), and neither body nor AF interchangeable lenses become much smaller than m43. Although Nikon might persist for some years if they invest into f/2 zooms, 20x zooms, weather sealing etc, and not try to stay within constrains where they were beat by a pocket cam a year ago.

A stop or 1 1/3 EV low light etc improvement awaits all sensors (but especially small ones for cost reason) with multi-layer technology, removing 2/3 light loss on color filters.

Also, Nokia 808 demonstrated what is possible within a phone - a largish sensor with huge number of pixels (with hardware binning) and bright lens makes digital zoom even more viable than it is now. Some optical zoom is also possible in addition, and tough/underwater body, making tough camera niche disappearing too.

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