Does Sony force Sigma to disable OS in lens?

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Re:IBIS is cool for stills, but video!

we are stuck with Sony's useless IBIS for video, this stinks big time. I'll the tracking today but if I cant use it due to poor stabilisation and random stuff going on this camera is going back.

But it is still first and foremost a camera..not a video-camera. For the cost/performance..its  tough to beat.  Even tamrons new 70-200 doesnt have is for sony ''well it already has sss".  But i have seen handheld shots at rediculously low shutter speeds with it on a nikon, much lower than could possible be attained with anything other than a lucky shot..

The competition- nikon and canon are most likely pressuring sigma and also tamron...In a way its a good thing, with some of sonys recent lens offerings and the availability of older compatable excellent glass with in camera stabilization.  That means they are 'sweating it' knowing the market held so long in favor of nikkors/canon l lenses by pros is being confronted directly by sony.

With the a99  and the 58 debuting at around $600 somethings up the competition is concerned with . Sony didnt just bail out with the a57/a58.. i am quite sure the next  few bodies are going to be stellar-for pros/amatuers alike.(choices)

Sony has made sensors for major companies and they are looking elsewhere now themselves, not because  of an inferior product(obviously)but because sony is 'getting in thier buisness' knows that as does canon..Sigma and tamron sell many lenses for those bodies also*

What happens when sony comes out with lens based stabilization on thier lenses????

Its going to happen, isnt like sony doesnt have the tech or r/d to start doing just that.

The big "Q" is when...just dont want to see you leave the alpha system. In the long run(not too long)i think we will find it veeery worthwhile to ride it out with the alpha/sony/minolta system,brian

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