That "L" lens "look" - Canon v Sigma 35mm1.4

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Re: That "L" lens "look" - Canon v Sigma 35mm1.4

I bought the Canon L before the Sigma,became available. I really was looking for a fast 50mm for my 5D2 but since the only decent 50mm for Canon seems to be the 50L, which I felt is too expensive and slow AF I went for the 35L for my 7D and 60D.

Looking at the comparison reviews on the net like this one it would seem the Sigma is superior in sharpness, price and warranty. However calculating in the dock for Sigma and it's lower resale value compared to a Canon L lens I think the price difference is not that great. Since I rely alot on AF and want the fastest possible along with most accurate I would say the Canon wins hands down here. Especially if new future bodies come along and Sigma has a more difficult time reverse engineering the interface. This is evident in the difficulties software developers are having with the 5D3.

I have lately been comparing the color and bokeh from the 35L on my 5D2 with my RX1 and believe the RX1 is much much sharper and has better color, but the 35L wins in terms of bokeh and AF speed of course.

It has been interesting to note that rumours of a 35L mkII are floating around, perhaps due to the threat the Sigma is to sales of the 35L. I certainly think Canon could produce a sharper 35 1.2/1.4 with less CA but then at what price will that be? If I were shopping around today I would wait a half year or so to see if a new version is in the works.

As others have mentioned Sigma quality has had a history of poor design (glued instead of screwed components) as well as subrate QC. The 10 year warranty is not great if the lens is going to need continual trips to the repair shop. I have more faith in the L lenses I own to last a lifetime with proper care, plus they will always have a better resale value over Sigma.

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