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Re: Flex TT5 and Einstein 640

Christopher D Mann wrote:

I am in need of your help here. I am using the flex TT5 with the power MC2 installed in the top of my Einstein 640 and I have spoken with the people at LPA who make these units and even with their help I can't get the pair to  on consistent basis. The flash will fire but when I try power tracking and will work and then fail as I am using center on aperture and ISO with first shot. I will make aperture, iso adjustments as needed and then sit will quit working period. The power level will not adjust at all on strobe. I am beginning  to think these things are a bigger pain in the ass then what they are worth. I don't think I have overlooked anything but someone as some input of something I could have missed that would be helpful. Thanks

I switched to using TT5's and multiple speedlights from Buff lights for most outdoor work.

The goal was to have a lighter weight setup.  I'm using the Sekonic L-478DR for control.

I've only used an Einstein in the setup once and it worked perfectly.

All is definitely not perfect with the TT5's nor the Sekonic.  I can actually get the desired light levels faster with the Buff CyberCommander + Sekonic than with the TT5's.

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