Monitor Choice, Graphic Card, etc... :(

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Re: Monitor Choice, Graphic Card, etc... :(

Lord Mox wrote:

my desire for a wide gamut is to be able to have the option in the future..I am not going to spend another $1000 anytime soon on a monitor that's for sure.

The things is, reading your comments, and your links, made me a bit confused. Does using a wide gamut monitor like DELL's 2413 affects my current sRGB work-flow in a negative way (e.g. introduce color banding, etc..)? Can't I set the monitor to be standard sRGB only for the time being and only use its wide gamut capability when needed??

Banding has more to do with the bit-depth of a monitor, than that is has to do with color depth c.q. "wide gamut".
As it comes to banding, every 3x 8 bit LCD monitor do have some tiny banding, not to speak about 6 bit per channel monitors (do avoid these totally). If you want 10 bit depth per channel, only a few monitors do have that bandwidth. But not only that, you need a graphics card that do have the capability to output for 10 bit depth per channel. Only NVDIA "Quadro" cards, and AMD "FirePro" cards have the possibility to output at 10 bit depth per channel.
That is not the end of the line, only a few applications do have the possibility to show the complete bandwidth of 10 bit per channel. E.g. Photoshop does, but Lightroom doesn't.
But more, the price tag is quite high for this professional demands.

I should say, just go with a graphic card and monitor that has output / input for 3x 8 bit color depth.

sRGB or Adobe RGB is not dependent from 3x 8 or 3x 10 bit output. Only for the between steps, you have more "smooth" distribution of it using 3x 10 bit output.

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