Canon is no. 1 for 10 straight years

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Re: Canon is no. 1 for 10 straight years

aftab wrote:

Lately it has been criticized for not being innovative. Yet, Canon seems to know what it is doing.

Canon is not "not being innovative", it is just not being innovative in areas that gets the most discussions in a forum. Over the past several years Canon has been at a stand still at improving sensors but has done a lot in other areas. for example the new STM line lenses have been getting a lot of praises for being fast and quiet. The only competitor has anything similar is Panasonic with their video focused lenses. Canon's AF programming has also improved a lot, every lens released after 70-300L seem to have a lot more accurate hits than older stuff.

How long you think Canon will maintain its top position?

Canon still maintains superiority in PDAF, telephoto lenses and customer service.Short term I do not think anyone will surpass canon in Telephoto lenses or customer service.  long  term is up to everyone's guess. It was only until recently Nikon got terrible reputation for their customer care so these things can turn  pretty fast.

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