Pentax China Confirms FF DSLR and Pro APS-C body

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The infamous Star Trek project

Alex Sarbu wrote:

If you ignore the time spent under Hoya (hostile takeover, cost cutting, downsizing, preparing for sale) and the disruption caused by the actual sale. I wouldn't.

But even so, what you're saying is that Pentax has a lot to do, in order to react to some "dramatic" change (all the new FF cameras aren't cheaper than the old A850, by the way). Having a lot to do and being "slow and obtuse" are different things; unless you define being "nimble and quick" as doing nothing

Again, what does it mean being "slow and obtuse"?


Do you remember when Steve Jobs once announced that because of certain shortcomings, heat issues  and of lack development of the PowerPC platform by Motorola, Apple had to switch overnight to Intel processors.

Crowd has gone crazy because they knew the Max OS X was designed, even optimised for the PowerPC platform. In addition, even product names had the word "Power" in it.

But Steve masterly orchestrated the show, and pointed to the aerial view of the Apple's campus, and one small building in it. In that building, one team was working on a project "Star Trek" for many years. Or, they were, in parallel with the OS X team, developing the Mac OS X for the Intel processors — just in case.

You see — "just in case". That means going way ahead and think fast, running ahead of others despite looking like everything seems to be okay and you are happy where you currently are. It is all about not allowing that competitors run over you, and leaving yourself more chances for  progress and survival.

Lack of such business wisdom, or insight, can be seen as obtusity. Which means, if Pentax started to think about the FF in late 2012 only, and didn't have anything half-ready, half-developed, in advanced prototype stage, something that was worked on as a hobby project in the engineering, whatever! — a some form of FF insurance for bad days, when they will inevitably face severe market fragmentation because of lack of their FF offer, fragmentation which will endanger their entire enterprise — well, then maybe the user above wasn't quite out of line.

PS. Re Hoya, sorry, end users are not interested in excuses. Apple would disappoint all their users if they started to find excuses for the lack of insight and said "Oops, you know, OS X is done. What about you .. wait for us for few more years .. we'll come up with something no one else has?"

Be honest — hat would YOU answer to Apple then? For Pentax, you have an excuse. Maybe you are taking such unfortunate Hoya details into account, because you explore Pentax fairs for some time. But in reality, there are no excuses — they should have had SOMETHING ready, just in case.

When the products are not coming even when others are flooding the market, when everything seems to be delayed .. people buy something else and don't bother with the brand. Like that, brand constantly falls behind. And when they catch up with competition in something, competition is ready to jump ahead again.

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