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Given that

Given that Digital Cameras are basically Computers with a sensor and a lens then it`s not suprising they get "outdated" fast - Film cameras (proper ones , not plastic SLRs) once they gained decent AF and metering had come to the end of the development cycle, the "sensor" was "changed" every shot and if you wanted a better "sensor" then you bought better film (or went medium format)

One thing that is true is that if a cam had decent IQ on Launch, it will have now - it`s Expectations and demands of clients which would kill the use of 1D MK1s and D1Hs for serious sport events and Fuji S2s for Weddings thesedays - Things like low noise ability and Dynamic range are being improved all the time, for instance , you average peanut sensor P&S with RAW has more highlight recovery ability than a D1X and most are better at high ISOs too ..

I`ve been re-trying the (Pre-historic - LOL) D70 in RAW with Capture one after seeing the current AA-free craze doing its trick and it`s sharper and moires more than any of the current AA-free cams , I remember reading that someone had converted one to IR and when converting it back put plain optical glass instead of the AA filter and the sharpness / artifacts were exactly the same as with the Original LPF ------ Makes you think that the D7000 wasn`t the first AA-less camera Nikon made at all but one with less Zeros in the title ?

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