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fotolopithecus wrote:

That a camera scarcely two, and a half years old is referred to as the aging D7000, or described as getting long in the tooth on testing sites.  I once thought the roughly five year wait between film slr's was quite a long time, but in hindsight it seems just about right.

The older you get the faster time goes, but a camera less than three years old being compared to a dinosaur, seems ridiculous on the face of it. Of course I understand why camera makers promote this sort of thinking, but are we just on their treadmill in search of the Holy grail, which will never be found, but is always just around the next corner?

I'm always amused to read posts from people who state things like " I use to have a D7000, and loved it, and am now shooting with a D5200, but wonder if I should upgrade to the D7100." Ancient history those D7000 days, and OMG! I'm not sure if I was born when the D90 was released.

Who's perception of time is valid here? Is two years a really long time, or is it as it seems to me very recent to the point that I feel like my D7000 is just getting broken in. I told a friend of mine the other day whom I had recommended the D90 to about three years ago, that it was time for him to upgrade to the D7100. ARE YOU NUTS, I JUST GOT THE THING ON YOUR ADVISE!

Lol.... I reversed course, and told him I was just kidding.

On the flip side, there have been one or two posters who say they will wait for a year or two before buying the D7100. This time travel thing is all getting a bit much. When I have the time, I still use my Voigtlander Bessa II.

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