Any Samyang cine users?

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Re: Any Samyang cine users?

Hasa wrote:


I have non-chipped 35mm and 16mm lenses with diaphragm clickstops (zeiss & xenitar).

Both lenses have automatic diaphragms that close down at exposure.

I have entered the "non-cpu" lens data in the D800 and it provides the focal length and the actual F no. used in the exif data.

I have to select the correct lens each time I change from chiped lens to 16 to 35mm. It defaults to 35mm. I guess that if I only had one non-chipped lens this would be fully automatic.

But the maximum F stop is rendered as "1" in the exif although I have entered the correct maximum F-stop for both lenses. Maybe this is a bug? I could also just choose to be proud of my "F1"  35mm and 16mm lenses

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Althought i have a D700 not a D800, you must be doing something wrong in the non CPU data base. I have all nine filled up, also with non Nikkor lenses, i can set their max. aperture and for the Nikkor lenses the exif will show the actual aperture used, on my non Nikkors it will show their max. aperture only. I even set the func. button to access the data base, so when i keep it pressed and rotate the dial i swap between different lenses stored in it.


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