Canon is no. 1 for 10 straight years

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Rick Knepper
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Well. there you go.

aftab wrote:

BTW, I have a D600 too. I want technology to progress and all cameras to do better. But I will never like it if another brand comes up with something that is significantly better than Canon. I want to use products better than or as good as other products, not inferior. Brand loyalty? Maybe.

Obviously, there is a reason for you to own Nikon and it doesn't seem to matter who is number one. It's basically my point (other than the fact that we don’t really know anything about the statistical data in these surveys except what benefits Canon's image - understandable since they are a commercial concern and not likely to publish negative findings. If their hold on No. 1 has been slipping in recent years, that data will never see the light of day – not saying it is slipping).

By the way, did you get into DSLRs through Canon and branch to Nikon or the other way around? Not really wanting to know about any film history before that. IMO, digital made newbies out of seasoned photographers to varying degrees.

My reasoning and path to Nikon evolved over time. (I’m discussing this with you but I am also adding clarifications in case newbies happen to be reading this.)

1.) Obtained the 5D & 24-105 in 2005 and after several photo trips in early 2006, determined that FF put a strain on the 24-105 around the edges and corners (and the rest of my Canon UW and UWA lenses for that matter). This was the opposite of why I signed up for FF.

1a.) As far as I could tell in 2005, Nikon itself and its customer/fanboi base claimed they would never go FF so it I didn’t give this company or products even a cursory look.

2.) Trying to get sharper images across the entire frame, I got into alternative lenses (nearly all primes) and adapters for a period buying a 10-15 year old Zeiss Contax 21mm in late 2006 (still the most expensive lens I've ever purchased - driven up in price on the Used Market due to demand by Canon shooters tired of mushy corners). Then, buying all sorts of old, discontinued lenses such as Olympus and Leica (check my profile for others). This experience really schooled me on how poor Canon UW and UWA primes and zooms performed in the outer zones and how small and light a lens can be.

3.) Began buying the new Zeiss ZF lineup of lenses made for the Nikon mount but adapted them to my Canon cameras.

4.) Grew tired of the dust issue in my DSLR cameras (2007-08ish) and wanted to limit the number of lens and adapter changes in the field and/or the length of time during a lens/adapter change whereby the cavity of the camera is exposed to the elements. My first stab at this was to purchase an adapter for every lens I owned to avoid the extra time it took to remove and mount the adapter during a lens change. That was a bunch of lenses and adapters back then. I could only afford this because prices for adapters plunged due to eBay sellers. With AF confirm chips, it was doable but the quality of the adapters varied (there are several issues to consider and watch out when using adapters but that conversation is outside of the scope of this post).

5.) My 2nd stab at reducing the dust issue was to go with two cameras reducing the need to switch lenses as often. Dust was not the only reason to go with two cameras. I bought a 5D2 and decided not to sell the 5D but use it and the 5D2 side by side. Also, two cameras with one having a zoom mounted helped avoid lost opportunities through chaotic lens changes and is slightly less heavy overall to carrying one camera and enough lenses to cover expected needs.

6.) In the summer of 2007 just before buying my first 5D2, Nikon released the D700. In Aug 2007, I purchased that camera and the 14-24G believing that combo would relieve the issues Canon UW and UWA lenses had at that time and I could embark on my plan for a dual platform system. Also, I could get rid of the adapters for my Zeiss ZF lenses. Well, during my return period, Canon announced the 5D2 and as I needed 21 MPs more than I needed the 14-24G, I returned the D700/14-24G but not before I determined that that combo was pretty awesome, something that stuck in my mind.

7.) The 24 MP D3x was also announced later that year but I didn’t give the camera 2nd thought due to its ridiculous pricing.

8.) Sometime thereafter, on a photo trip to Zion and Bryce NPs, during an attempted lens change, my Contax Zeiss got stuck on the camera. I had to wait until I got back to base and perform some surgery. At that point, I was through with adapters although it would take several years to sell off those lenses and replace them with appropriate lenses with Canon mounts. I still have the Zeiss and the Leica R 28mm because they are good enough that dealing with adapters is an acceptable hindrance.

9.) In 2009ish, I sold the 5D and bought my 2nd 5D2.

10.) The only way to get rid of adapters and keep my Zeiss ZF lenses was to go with a Nikon camera. I began tracking prices of the D3x on B&H and eBay used. The D700 was no longer a consideration because after using 21 MPs, there’s no going back to 12 MPs. Why would I have sold my 5D? My target price for a D3x was sub-$6000 and the closer to $5000 the better. Finally, in early 2011, used prices hit my BUY target and I purchased a D3x. Soon after, I also the 14-24G and 24-70G from Amazon.

11.) My dream setup held for a year until the D800 & the 24-70 II were released.

12.) After it became clear Canon would not be competing in the hi-res arena in 2012 and 2013, I purchased a D800E in late 2012.

13.) I’m waiting for Canon to re-commit to a market they once dominated, but I am not desperate to buy because I am willing to go outside of the brand to find the features and performance I desire. Canon will really have to Bring It if they want to compete against the D800E which by the way, isn’t a magic bullet for excellent photography. One still has to know how to operate a DSLR.

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