SURVEY - Do FT / mFT users know the difference from "full frame"? Replies wanted!!

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Re: Yes and no (or is it no and yes?)

Msnap wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

RealPancho wrote:

Those things are HUGE!"

what you saw were most likely APS-C SLRs.

No, what he saw were most likely Full Frame. Do you know what "HUGE" and "most likely" mean? How could you possible conclude that cameras described as HUGE would be reduced-size APS-C models?

first of all size difference between APs-C and FF isnt much to begin with, compare 7D to 5D2, and D7000 to D600. secondly man people have been traveling and have seen an army of SLr weilding tourists, whose know are familiar with model specs can see that you pretty much never get an army of FF shooters - unless it is a serious photography hobbyist tour .

People see DSLRs in the streets of every city. No-one's going to be surprised at seeing them again somewhere else, are they?

Real Pancho appears to be surprised. by the look of his post he know very little about gear. Nothing wrong with that, just do not hold out to be an expert.

At least I'm collecting a decent number of people for my ignore list on this thread. A quick look at your recent posts is enough to decie where you should be.

You are welcome

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