Fuji Prices Are Too High.

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Economics 101

mistermejia wrote:

Man, since i bought my S5 PRO a couple months ago, Comming from Nikon, my photos are just comming out differently with more life to them and i really really like Fuji's color output, and i can honestly say that i am keeping my S5, possibly forever.

But, i am also in a need for a second body with higher ISO capability for my low light shooting, I WANT to stay with Fuji and would like to get an X-PRO1, but honestly i think these cameras are still over priced, compared to what everyone else has.  What i mainly don't like is the significant slow auto focus, although i think i would probably get used to its AF limitations, but the prices are just killing me.  I am sorry, that's just my opinion.  Some people have already told me that their lenses are made out of metal, high quality and this and that, but those lenses are tiny and wide open they are not the greatest either, and i also think they are over priced.

I know many will start to jump on my for saying this, but wouldn't you guys preffer  that Fuji actually lowered their prices.  I know the X-PRO1 was selling at a much higher price originally, but i still think they just cost too much.  That's actually THE only thing preventing me from moving completely to Fuji.

I think the most i would pay for a X-PRO1 is around $999 new.

For an XE-1 i would probably pay $699 new.

18-55 lens $500.

Im i the only guy that think the prices are too high and will most of you here will defend those prices to remain high??  If this would be the case then might as well just buy the amazing and fast new D7100 for only $1199.

I'm guessing you skipped basic Economics or Business classes in high school.

What you are saying will make no difference to anyone because Fuji already knows there are lots of people out there just like you. All you are doing is putting your hand up to the question "Who would like one of our cameras but just feels they are just a bit too expensive?"

Basic idea: if the XPro1 cost $10, half the planet would get one. If they cost $50,000 then only the one camera-crazy billionaire would buy it. At every point in between there is a number of people who would buy it at any given price. What you are telling us is that the price you would pay is less than the current market price. Everyone who has a passing familiarity with the most basic principles of supply and demand understands that there will be people who won't feel that their product is worth the asking price.

This is why companies do market research, to try to find out what the exact numbers at each level are so that they can make decisions about how many to produce and what price to sell them. They know that you exist, so simply telling them about your emotional state on a camera forum makes no difference.


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