Any thing wrong with using AF-C permanently?

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I've been using only AF-ON + AFC since my D300...

and with the D7000 and now with my D4!

IMO there are some misconceptions about this matter:

1- In the new bodies ( D4 / D800 /D7100 ) the VR is now activated when you press  AF-ON, which is a much better implementation by Nikon IMO

2- Also with the D4 ( dunno with other bodies ) you've got the AFC plus 1 single focus point which is excelent for details and small DOF situations (as sometimes using the 9/21/51 points options, the camera could for example focus in eyelashes instead of the iris)

3-In the D7000 I truly believe that the AFC algorithyms were more acurate than the AFS ones at least with its first firmware

4- Working with lenses at up to f/2.8  and wide open is the most critical situation where I believe AFC will help as,  with a DOF of let's say a quarter of a inch, it is easy to miss CRITICAL focus due to slight movements of both you and your target

5- And of course AFC is a better option IMO when ANY movement is present, even in the so called posed portraits when your target always moves or when yourself is breathing or slightly moving as we all do when handhelding cameras

6- At f/5.6 and smaller apertures small movements of course will not be a great  issue

7- I usually shoot at a 3 pic burst to catch later the best one as any AF system has some calibration & normal allowances that can sometimes induce it to lock in a not so perfect and critical focus ( easy to see when using for example the FOCAL software for fine-tunning lenses and then displaying the results on a graphic ). In this case AFC will help a lot as movements are more likely to happen between the 3 shots (that is of course also valid in continuous action shooting).

8- And last but not least I also believe that the less you need to change settings when different situations appear during a photo session, the lower the chances you've got to forget something or even to do wrong things ...

Your mileage may vary though...


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