Is anyone interested in a “Photo of the Week” thread for this forum?

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Is anyone interested in a “Photo of the Week” thread for this forum?

Hi all:

I have an idea for the forum that I think might be fun for some of the members and hopefully make a positive contribution to the community. Since Mako is the Moderator of this forum I’ve run it by him to get his opinion and he likes it. My next step is to share it with you, the group, to gauge the level of interest. Please make your opinions known with a comment and if you would like to see such a thread on this forum please indicate this by clicking the “Like” button on this original post.

Here’s the idea:

I would be interested in starting and would be willing to oversee a weekly thread called "My Best Photo of the Week." The intent would be to get people out there taking photos on a weekly basis and sharing their single best shot of that week with the rest of us.

The rules would be few and simple:

1. The photo should be our best photo taken that week, not a selection of our best images from our archives accumulated over the years. This hopefully will encourage people to be actively out there taking photos on a regular basis.

2. The photos must be taken by a camera that is included in the forums list of cameras: D40-90, D3000-7100.

3. The category can be anything: landscapes, macros, sports, portraits, kids, events, wildlife, cityscapes, abstract... you name it, if it moved you we'd like to see it.

4. The responses and comments should be of a positive and encouraging nature where we tell the poster what we liked about their image and what grabbed us. The thread is not intended to be a place for critiquing the images or discussing technique or equipment, if the poster wants constructive criticism on an image he/she can post them in a separate thread and ask for this kind of feedback. I believe that there are a number of folks who out there who would be happy to share some images but are afraid to do so for fear of getting criticized, especially by some of the more blunt members of the forum.

5. We would vote on the posted images by pressing the "Like" button beside the 3 images we like the best in each weekly thread. We would be allowed 3 votes per week and the image with the most votes would be recognized as "The Photo of the Week," with 2nd and 3rd place going to the other two with the most votes.

I would be willing to start a new thread at 12:00 noon each Friday (Ottawa time) and take responsibility for encouraging folks to stay within the guidelines.

Hopefully, this weekly thread would encourage a lot of people who are not gear-heads or super-skilled photographers, or just shy, to get involved with the forum as well as motivating the more qualified photographers to up their game on an on-going basis.

Anyways, I think you get the general idea. What do you think?



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