SURVEY - Do FT / mFT users know the difference from "full frame"? Replies wanted!!

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Re: No you don't understand

forpetessake wrote:

Msnap wrote:

I understand that for technologically identical sensors, larger sizes give larger pixels which gives better pictures. But the sensors in different formats aren't technologically identical. Some mFT sensors will be better than some FF sensors and vice versa.

Seems like an overrated topic given how simple things really are.

Let me suggest you didn't understand equivalency at all. It really has nothing to with the sensor technology, only with its size. It's all about the optics and quantum properties of light. It's the lens aperture that collects the light, it's the sensor and electronics that converts the photons to electrons. Equivalence is about lenses, QE is about sensors. Lenses are equivalent, not the sensors. Trying to confuse the two creates all sorts of nonsense, e.g. try to calculate the equivalence between m4/3 EPL1 and OMD.

Oh right diffraction. There is that, if you have a billion mega-pixel camera I suppose.

Trying to make things sound advanced by saying "quantum properties of light" doesn't make you sound clever or knowledgeable. Kids learn that stuff at age 13.

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