should I upgraded to D700?

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Re: should I upgraded to D700?

ranalli wrote:

tmtmtmt wrote:

I have been an owner of a D90 for about 4 years. I have two DX lenses: nikon 16-85mm and sigma 10mm; and three FX lenses: nikon 50mm 1.8, sigma 28-105, and sigma 70-300 (big sigma fan).
I love my D90 and i dont see any reason to upgrade it to another DX slr. However, now thanks to the D600 and the D800, i can afford to upgrade to a second hand D700 (if i sell all my DX equipment). The question is: shold i do it?

I wold appreciate it if you could tell me a little bit about yourself and your experience in photography in your answer, so i can get a better idea of how I'm talking to.

Thanks alot.

I think it's a logical upgrade from a D90.  I had a D90 that I LOVED for three years and I got a D700 last year.  Where the D700 really shines over my D90 is:

1) AF speed/accuracy

2) Ability to focus in darn near darkness

3) good fps for action

4) dof that full-frame gives you

I'm using this camera and making some poster sized prints (24x36) with no issue...they look fantastic.  D600 vs D700....easy decision.  Buy a used but good condition D700 for $1400 or less and get a stellar camera with a better more spry AF(more useful than megapixels).  Frankly, most people on this site don't even need more than 12MP unless they're pros printing at very large sizes.  Just poorly spent money really.

To be honest, if I didn't need the four things above I would be perfectly happy with my D90 as well.  Took it out last weekend since it's lighter/smaller than the D700 and got some fantastic shots.

What I accomplish is really only in part to do with the actual camera.


my thoughts exactly!

i see the huge megapixel count as a negative thing, as i shot raw having 20 -30 mb files, like on the D600, is just too much (i don't print that big). However, i wold like a camera that handles dark situation better then my D90, and faster AF is also a welcome upgrade.

Have you compered pictures in dark situation, with similar focal length, between the D700 and the D90 (or higher) ?

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