Why Win8 will succeed. Or fail.

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Re: "Pie in the Sky Drive" out here...

For the desktop, Metro is awful.  I mean, seriously, how would it feel if Apple took the iPhone user interface and slapped it on a 24" non touch desktop screen?  That is essentially what MS did - and its a lot worse than the iOS user interface.

I have over 100 Windows application installed.  In Metro they appear as multiple oversize groupings of big childish-looking blocks.  The blocks themselves are too big, two dimensional, you can't place them where you want, you have to scroll across multiple screens to find and locate programs - I mean, how much worse could they have designed a user interface for the non-touch-desktop?  The fact is, they didn't.

What the arrogant strategists, user experience professionals (if you want to call them 'professional'), product, and upper management team did was take a small form-factor touch phone user interface and slap it on a desktop operating system under the self-delusion that their clout and weight would make everyone shift in a desperate attempt to shuttle users into an app-store centric model for all users.

Net-net: That was arrogance at its pinnacle and now they are paying a huge price for it.  Windows itself as an OS won't fail - the Windows 8 'Metro' user interface has already failed on a mass scale on the non-touch desktop and isn't acceptable on anything except maybe phones and tablets.  Worse, I am a developer and installed the very first developer preview edition within the first hour of its release on a i5 tablet and an i7 desktop and by the next day I wrote a long letter to MS telling them all of this and predicting exactly what has now come to pass.  This is an "I told you so" to anyone from MS that might be reading this - please send it on to your peers because obviously no one there paid any mind to early beta developer feedback.

That's the hard and cold truth.


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