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This is great news, I'm very glad to see another manufacturer with a recognized brand name join the system.

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a camera made by Olympus for Kodak.

So not really another manufacturer.

Kodak is now just a name like "Vivitar" or "Spiratone"  used to be.

They don't actually make anything.


Is it made by Olympus? The kitlens is not the same as the Olympus ones it seems.

A lot of company's don't actually make anything. Like Apple for example.

It's not a real Kodak but most people in this market segment don't know and tan Kodak is a familiar name. It can be a good thing for Olympus and Panasonic. More people to sell lenses.

no, its not made by Olympus, but a new Chinesse company called something like JK Imaging or something like that. They bought the rights to use Kodak name.

JK Imaging  is an AMERICAN company all the Chinese are doing is making it  just as they do for Olympus


And it is the same company.

And it was designed by Olympus.


JK Imaging is an American company, and they are the official licensee of the Kodak brand. The owner of the company also runs Jaacx Distributors, a Miami-based company that distributes consumer electronics products to Latin America. They have no resources to design and manufacture cameras or lenses themselves, so that is certainly outsourced to another company. The Taiwanese company Asia Optical has been mentioned as the manufacturer, which is a more likely candidate than Olympus.

The reason why the camera was pre-announced in China last year, and again announced in China recently, but not in America or Europe, seems to suggest that Asia is the intended main target market of this product.

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