16MP sensor improvements?

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Re: Round 3a

For what its worth, in terms of sharpness, I would sort them (the pictures in 3a)

4 sharper then 3  then 1  least sharp is 2 (nothing is really sharp)

but of course this could have loads or reasons, different camera movements, shutter shock, or different lens, IOS switched on/of, different camera, filters in front of lens etc.

Regards DOF, shallowest is

4 shallower than 3 1 shallower than 2

So if you used two different cameras with two different settings each with the same lens (but I am not sure if you did...), I would guess the pictures 1 and 2 might be taken by the same (lower res sensor?) and 3/4 with a higher res sensor, 4 and 1 with maybe f4/8 and 3 and 2 with maybe something like f11. However, to produce such a shallow DOF, they would have to be tele lenses, maybe 200mm or larger?

So now you can tell me I got it all wrong....:-)at least I stuck my neck out in your fun-exercise!


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