D7100 or K-5IIs

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Re: D7100 or K-5IIs

JeffAHayes wrote:

... it does appear the D7100 may have some issues with [RAW] buffering due to file size.

Actually, limiting the buffer size is a good thing - it'll reduce the time to transfer the image files to computer by several days. Shame DPR didn't point this out as a major performance booster

That is, assuming anyone would be dumb enough to want to shoot burst mode at 35MB a pop...

An easier solution might be to include an old fashioned sensor, say 16MP like we used to have in the 'old' days (i.e. more than six months ago).

While we're here... here's a test for all you DPReview lab nuts reading this: take 100 images at random on Flickr, and guess how many MB were used in their construction. I'm no statistician, but if you do better than would be expected by pure guesswork, I'll eat my K-5 II...

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