16MP sensor improvements?

Started Apr 24, 2013 | Questions thread
grumpyolderman Senior Member • Posts: 1,085
Re: Tedolf's world

tedolf wrote:

I do not see diffraction effects on the E-pl1 at f/11 or below.

I do see diffraction at f/16.

I know that mathematically there will be more diffraction effects with a closer pixel pitch.

This is basic optical physics.


Well defraction is not a function of the pixel pitch but of sensor size and lens parameters (fstop) but....the 12Mp sensor has a lover resolution, so a little but of diffraction will not be noticed, the 16Mp is sharper, so even a small amount of diffraction is visible. So by using f11 and higher you basically limit the 16MP sensor, whilst you start limiting the 12MP sensor at f16, in theory.

I tried on my G3/G5 and diffraction starts to limit the resolution of fine details at f11, so no need really to go higher than f8 (for resolution of fine details).


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