Pentax China Confirms FF DSLR and Pro APS-C body

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Re: A little hint here, periods of quiet there, now another little hint

breeze_of_wind wrote:

This is getting awfully tired.  Rumors from China now get us all excited.  As a small company I thought Pentax had the potential to be nimble and quick.  It now seems they are at best at being slow and obtuse. A sad day.


Your confusing 'Pentax Statements' with web rumour mill.

2002-2011 = Pentax No FF = followed and delivered on promise

2012 - ? = Pentax looking into

I see nothing slow or obtuse just confident factual message.

Users trying to apply their wants onto Pentax product path are the issue, Try ignoring the complete bxllxx and you'll find the truth is not only out there but has been consistent through the years.

Take this thread there is zero nada zilch new in the statement of the Pentax executive yet we have 90+ posts of speculation off the back of the same story.!!

It is a sad state of affairs but not of Pentax’s making, If people applied the common sense that as sentient beings they were supposedly born with, then these threads would not exist and we would all( the silent majority) not be bored stupid (and not as you say " all excited ").

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