Finished my review of D7100 features.

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Re: Finished my review of D7100 features.

bravozulu wrote:

I have a specific question about only 2 of the D7100 features. The Viewfinder and the LCD screen.

For weeks now folks have been commenting on the camera. About their excitement. About counting the days until delivery.

I'm glad, but not interested. The biggest limitation to my D7000 as I see it, is me. My skill level. So I've been taking in all remarks as a bystander, not a prospective customer.

Then, early this morning I read through the elaborate review of the camera here. It might have been yours. And, I was inspired enough that I drove into a high end camera store in Hollywood to buy a few things I needed. I asked the sales guy to show me the D7100 and D7000 side by side. What are the differences in the LCD and Viewfinder, I wondered. A lot.

I'm fairly conservative about purchases. So I'm resistant to claims about pixels and specs. But the fact is, I turned 71 and so my eyes aren't too good. I have a jury-rigged rubber eyepiece on my D7000 viewfinder because of glare outdoors. And I can barely see my LCD screen on bright days.

What I saw on the D7100 really impressed me. The Viewfinder icons are bright and large. And the LCD screen is 50% more legible. Not sure if that is due to greater contrast or the resolution.

It would take some serious money juggling for me to upgrade right now. But darn, you can't shoot if you can't see. I'm challenged due to my eyesight. Oh, I do wear glasses when shooting.

Any comments?


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