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Re: Shelf-space, price-points and choice?

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I still find this confusing.  The E-P5 design looks good to me though without an articulating LCD it would not be very useful to me.

So, why a E-P5 and E-PL6 having such similar IQ etc.  Why not just an E-PL6.  What is in the E-P5 design that would make one pick that over the E-PL6?

I spend a lot of time in Asian Malls and the Olympus display cases are always smaller than Sony, Panasonic and Nikon mirrorless.

Nikon is usually padded with different colours (including matching lenses) and different kit options. Panasonic and Sony usually show loads of models. It's not uncommon to see 10 display cameras on their stands by combing models, lens kits and colours.

Olympus usually has a case with three shelves; OM-D a a few lenses on the top shelf, Accessories middle shelf and Pens bottom shelf. Rarely more than 4 cameras and the vertical layout makes it look like a much smaller (perhaps niche) range.

Personally I applaud Olympus for not forcing the customer to choose on sensor quality. It's a horrible choice to have to make, and for many here (myself included) m4/3 only really became fully viable with the excellent IQ enhancements of the OM-D. It really can't afford the luxury of differentiating on sensor quality.

If Olympus are boosting the range based on form factor and features, but with each model having the best available m43 IQ, thats's great for us as we get to choose the camera with all the features we really want without having to compromise IQ. A much better choice than Panasonic's bizarre sensor strategy. I can understanding them having a special sensor for top video, but everything else should have the best possible stills IQ, like Oly now seem to be doing.


This does not make sense.

E-pm1, e-pl5, e-p5 AND omd ALL USES THE SAME SIZE SENSOR.

I really have no idea what you are trying to say, or why you are shouting.

E-PM1 is old technology 12MP sensor, now replaced by the E-PM2 with new 16MP sensor.

On 11th May, the final remaining old technology sensor, the E-P3, will be replaced with the E-P5. The E-PL5 may also get updated, but that is already new technology sensor. So the range will be:

  • OM-D: SLR style shooting experience with built in finder, large grip, optional battery grip.
  • E-P5: Rangefinder style shooting using live-view and optional finder.
  • E-PL5/6: Compact version of the 'P' for extra portability
  • E-PM2: Most compact budget version, sacrificing the flip screen and controls.

So all will use the same high quality sensor yet appeal to different users based on their feature set/cost. Not hard to understand.

Further, by updating the E-PL5, creating an E-PL6 with additional features, the E-PL5 could continue to be sold along side the rest of the range, creating in effect a 5th model that is still using current technology.


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