Pentax China Confirms FF DSLR and Pro APS-C body

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Re: Pentax China Confirms FF DSLR and Pro APS-C body

JeffAHayes wrote:

I just hope "different from anything available today" doesn't mean "different color." I mean, Pentax has already gone through just about every color there is except "baby puke green" and "poopie brown" -- or, wait! Could we define one of their greens and browns that way, as well?!?!?

I think it's pretty obvious they're at the point in the market whee it's just about necessary to come out with a FF model or simply state they never will (with the ongoing advances in camera phones, the market for DSLRs is probably going to start to shrink again, after growing considerable for the past dozen years, anyway, so CaNikon, Sony, Pentax, et al, are going to have to do whatever they can in the next 2-3 years to solidify their amateur and enthusiast base, since the pros will pretty much continue to do whatever they've always done).

To me, for Pentax, this means they need at least an entry-level APS-C, a mid-level, a high-level and one FF. At this point, the K-5 SHOULD be fulfilling Pentax's mid-level spot, not it's top-level, and there's the problem for many, including me. Two years ago, the K-5 was pretty much a top-level APS-C camera, but it's really NOT any more, and I don't think the minor upgrades that went into making the K-5II/s were enough to put it there, either. Not that Pentax should do everything Nikon does, but Nikon has the right idea, at present, with a 3200, 5200 and 7100, all with 24 MP sensors, but with different features and levels of professionalism beyond the 24 MP sensor. I was in Costco this afternoon, and I could have bought (albeit temporarily on sale) a D3200 completel with both the 18-55 AND the 55-200 lens for $779. I have to tell you, it was tempting just to "hedge my bets," even though I'm CERTAIN I wouldn't be happy with "the level" of camera that is the 3200. Currently, however, the 5200 is being compared to the K-5, NOT the 7100, even though 2 years ago, the D7000 was seen as its direct competitor.

My point is that Pentax has been REALLY SLOW in its upgrade cycle, while CaNikon AND Sony have been spitting out new models like watermelon seeds! Yeah, I know, they're all MUCH bigger companies (Sony being by far the biggest of the three, if you consider its overall holdings). When you consider that Ricoh paid only $120 million for Pentax's camera division, well, that's "nickels and dimes" in the international business world these days. So perhaps they had to PAY for upgrades before they could make them? Whatever the case, it's had some of us holding our breath. Were I an independent observer sitting on the sidelines looking at the dearth of new offerings by Pentax in the last couple of years, I might surmise this is a company on the verge of getting out of the camera business. The fact, however, that they introduced some new lenses -- especially an expensive new 560 mm lens -- makes it appear they DO plan to hang around. They just need to make sure they introduce "new&improved" camera models fast enough to ensure their CUSTOMERS hang around, as well.

Those of us who are longtime Pentaxians have more patience, or maybe it's just stubborness (or, in my case, too much invested), to jump ship every time CaNikon/Sony do something that looks better. But I fear a lot of the newer customers don't, won't, can't and perhaps haven't.

If I had a bit more $$$ I might have bought a K-30 as a second body by now... or maybe a K-5II... possibly both. But I really don't. Instead, I keep waiting to see what that next big APS-C camera will be, knowing I'll need more to buy it, and if I've spent part of that on a K-30 and/or K-5II, I might have to wait that much longer to get it. I just hope it's worth the wait.


I think that you have summarised the position extremely well.  Like you I am waiting for the next real K5 upgrade.

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