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Re: MFT shipments down...NOT

YouDidntDidYou wrote:

Olympus successfully targeted and saturated the camera joshi market in Japan with their mirrorless. Now Fuji, Panny and Oly and Sony somewhat are targeting the semi pro and enthusiasts segment.

Making a dull and obvious "prediction" that smartphones would affect the camera was hardly rocket science, stated elsewhere many times previously by others and would of been planned for the leading mirrorless players.

The main factor affecting mirrorless sales is the poor state of the economy in many parts of the world more people are holding back from upgrading eg look at D4 sales...lacklustre also in these times people are less likely to try something new and more inclined to stay with what they know ie DSLRs.

I never seen any figures showing mft is in the red,Oly and Panny have publicly stated that their mirrorless offerings are the profitable parts of their imaging divisions. Maybe some other camera company's mirrorless system is in the red when they failed to live up to their own internal sales targets, haven't even done a million units and what they did sell was largely sold at 60% discount *cough cough*

Mft needs to be more aggressive in targeting Russia, Brazil,India and their nearby countries, I believe mft is already doing reasonably well in China.North America is a slow burn.

living life to the Four Thirds!

I agree with the above. The danger I see is that regardless of the models, if P & O camera divisions stay in the red the banks or boards will end up closing them.

There's also another factor at play: people don't learn photography anymore unless they have pro ambitions, the general knowledge is getting so lost that even pros in the US had to spend half of their money, not on equipment, but on photography courses, according to

IOW taking pictures, has just become an app of portable conputing. I suspect that the cameras that are still bought are just status symbols, so you see ultra expensive models with a fixed lens. Even selling more than one lens becomes difficult, as Mr. Terada remarked - and that was the 45mm, a portrait lens for the family.

One has only to look at the forums to see how photographic culture is getting lost. Instead of trying to improve their skills people only try to find another magic wand in gear. When they won't see any improvement, they'll just look for another hobby. So even  the policy of introducing some additional feature every six months, and a facelift, is going to fizzle out in the long run.

That at least is true for the oldest markets, hoping that Asia and its billions will come to the rescue at some point.


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