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Unfortunate that the staff couldn't see the difference between the D5200 and the D7100.  Maybe if they had looked here.

They did see the difference...and noted well it's impact in practical terms

We tell people not to pixel peep and then say "there's a difference", but it's only noticeable by pixel peeping.  No wonder people are confused

There's no practical difference, and for most, there won't be an appreciable difference between the D7000 and D5200/D7100.

"no practical difference" ..is right.  Tis why I'm glad I waited...if my D7K has more bad fits...like today...the 5200 may fill in until Canon has a chance to compete.   Q is when ?   The electronics in the D7k...sad...otherwise, good sensor.  But quit on me again today...at major media event.  duh.  not good.

Same IQ as the old cam...at 6400.  And still not cross sensors at the sides.  sigh...

The D7100 is a great camera and for anyone coming from a D90 or lower it's a nice upgrade but I don't think the average user is going to see much difference upgrading from a D7000.  It has some nice additional features which might be a good reason to upgrade but not IQ.  And really, did they have to change the order of the buttons on the left side of the body to screw up anyone was used to a D7000 or uses both?

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